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Hello.  I'm Linda G. 

My love of writing comes from a life on the move.  I was uprooted early on, leaving the grounded life of Oklahoma for an itinerate childhood of hops and stops across the country.  I went to 12 schools by high school graduation in El Paso and five colleges before finally, finally graduating from college. I married my high school sweetheart then followed him cross country and back to settle in New Mexico. If anything, I've proved adaptable--and brimful of curiosity, always.  Both my writing and my life reflect that. 

I’ve covered everything from politics, to water law and medicine. I've written books about ghost towns and libraries, and I've written chapters in books about women and about New Mexico history. Now, after decades and decades of a settled life in Southern New Mexico, I've up and moved to Albuquerque. There is still much I want to discover, and so much more writing to do. 

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