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I write partly because I'm curious, always. But mostly I write for the love of the craft. I come from a career as a non-fiction science writer and as the author of four books. These days I write about whatever strikes my fancy--opinion, history, creative nonfiction and poetry. I write what I want, and invite you to read what I write.

If you want to watch me work, come along. You’ll see my work in progress—a history long overdue, everyday essays, and a piece or two unearthed from the files. Sign up to see how I'm doing.

Linda G. Harris

Does one ever stop writing? ---Opal Lee Priestley

Jump In

A newsletter for the curious 

I post my newsletter "Jump In" every two weeks on Substack, a platform for writers and readers. My newsletter posts fall into three categories: Curiosities is about anything that piques my curiosity, New Mexico Notebook covers the whole state, and Unsettled is a series about an American family that refuses to settle down. The newsletter is fun for me to write and free for you to read.  To "Jump In," click here

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