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I write partly from curiosity, but the real reason is more elusive. Even after a rewarding career as a non-fiction science writer and published author, I still don’t have an answer. I do know that writing intrigues me. Also, I’m good at it.  But slow.


If you want to watch me work, come along. You’ll see my work in progress—a history long overdue, everyday essays, and a piece or two unearthed from the files. Sign up to see how I'm doing.

Jump In

A newsletter for the comfortably curious 

I'm writing up a storm for my newsletter "Jump In." I post every two weeks on Substack, a platform for a slew of well-known, and not-so-known writers. My newsletter posts fall into two categories.  In Curiosities, I write about anything that piques my curiosity. In Unsettled, I write short segments on an American family history--mine. Each post will leave you mildly entertained or modestly informed, possibly both. It's fun for me to write and free for you to read.*  Give "Jump In" a try, click here

Linda G. Harris

Does one ever stop writing? ---Opal Lee Priestley

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