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One Book at a Time is exactly how most libraries in New Mexico were built. This book covers the history for hundreds of libraries in New Mexico from the storefront library to the research library. Nearly 100 photographs provide an architectural tour of library buildings and a personal look at those who have played a role in the state’s library history.  Author Linda G. Harris writes with insight and admiration on this important but overlooked aspect of American History. New Mexico Library Foundation

This award-winning book pays homage to the legacy of the adobe, but it rightly acknowledges the role of newcomers who built their homes in a dizzying array of styles. Essayist Linda G. Harris livens the lessons of architecture with human interest stories, and bits of history. Each of the eight-eight houses featured in Pamela Porter’s striking photographs reflects its singular contribution to New Mexico’s architectural heritage.  Arroyo Press

This book stands as the forefront of the region’s long history. Through careful research, author Linda G. Harris has threaded the pieces of history into a coherent and entertaining story. Pictorial researcher Tim Blevins’ selection of 100 illustrations adds visual dimension to the book. Also featured are the creative talents of area artists, photographers and poets. Researchers will welcome the bibliography, chronology and index.  This award-winning book is a much-needed addition to Southwestern bookshelves. Arroyo Press

Contributor Linda G. Harris writes of women’s lives in the Black Range, a small mountain range hugging the Continental Divide. In the 1880s the Black Range was the stronghold of Victorio, Nana, Cochise, and Geronimo. The coming of the railroad brought miners and their families to the area’s booming mining towns.  New Mexico State University Library 

Contributor Linda G. Harris writes a clear and concise her account of the legal battle between the city of El Paso and the state of New Mexico over access to groundwater underlying both areas. Sunstone Press

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